Monday, February 21, 2011

2lbs total 5 lbs since...

So today i weighted myself after my long disturbing period =0 i lost 2lbs. so that made me happy =) so right now my weight is 262.8 ughhhhh 70 llbs before summer rolls around (4 months before the big trip to my sisters graduation who i havent seen in 3 years) so my goal is has to be accomplished.

So tomorrow after my Orentation on my new job. IM HITTING THE GYM. back to my schedule.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snack- apple straws

OMG I WENT TO BJS AND FOUND THESE APPLE CINNAMON CHIPS JUST LIKE THE VEGGIE STRAWS. they have a wonderful sweet cinny taste. 130 calories per serving and they count as a veggie just like the chips. I FELL IN LOVE.! everyone one should try them they are delicious!

Breakfast- EGG scramble mix

Breakfast- egg scramble mix
7 large Eggs
6 turkey sausage links (breakfast kind, Veggie sasuage are good too)
2 fine chopped peppers
1 fine chopped tomato outer skinn only
pinch of salt and pepper

In a large bowl crack all 7 eggs, beat the eggs together. Next chop the sausage links into small peices and put in the eggs, after you stir in the sausage add in the peppers and tomatos. Mix well.
Preheat the stove to Medium -High. Next get a large pan an spray it with PAM cooking spray(generic brand works well too) Next poor in the egg mix and add salt and pepper. Continue to stir the pot as it cooks so all the eggs get cooked. Once cooked remove from stove and serve

ketchup- Sugar Free - TASTE THE SAME! super good only 5 calories I LOVE IT

--- When cooking I cook for the whole week. so I get 4 ounce containers and pack my breakfast away for the week. What ever i have left over goes in a big bowl in the freezer for the next week..

100 -veggie sasuage
110- turkey sasuage


The largest I ever was

march 3, 2010

This was me right before my surgery, at my old job. they got me a card, cupcakes(because i couldnt eat them anymore) and flowers with other stuff. soo thats my ass eating a cupcake before the surgery. HORRIBLE!


This blogs isn't about followers, friends or anything, this blog is about my weightloss. Maybe hopefully someone will benifit from my blog and take something away from it. :)

over view:
My names Asia. I'm a 19 year old College student. I have 2 bestfriends and a wonderful loving family. I'm very simple, no need to be extravagant. I love fashion, music, and dancing. I have a goal by summer 2011, I want to be 185 and wearing the perfect swim suit. Right now i weight 269, Which is fantastic because 11 months ago I was weighing 407, Ive always been an over weight child but i lost myself somewhere along the line when i was growing up and needed to do something about being over weight. March '10 I had weight loss surgery 3 weeks before my birthday! I think i had the best birthday ever. But anyways i had gastrobypass. I wasn't a sudden decision Ive been working on getting it since i was 16. I'm glad i had it now then before because I'm more focused then before when all i did was party party.! I don't advise anyone to have the surgery if your over weight unless you've been over weight all your life and tried every diet in the world. Weight watchers work! LA Fitness works and if your a teenage reading this CAMP POCONO TRAILS ( you make wonderful friends!) yes Ive tried everything. they all work, but i couldn't stick to them so i had no resort because i didn't want to be 5038230423 over weight.
I think that all? if you have any questions ask me please. Hope you enjoy my blog :)